Application Development

Image Archive

Image Archive with basket functionality for downloading images. These images will be consolidated into a zip file for convenient download. Login functionality is provided for other than predefined users.

The administrative section covers adding, deleting and cloning of image informations, as well as uploading images. This functionality is restricted depended on the administrator's rights.

Recently added support for various movie formats and audio mp3 files with automatically generated previews and file analyses.

Image Archive
Image Archive

Online Shopping System

Online Shop with basket functionality. Various search function are implemented so customers can easily find all products. Navigation through product categories is an alternative for locating products. Returning customers may use the built in tracking function, to either pick up a cart they left unattended, or to simple track their orders and order stati respectively.

Administraive tools are available for maintaining the article database directly, within the allowed section. Maintaining order status and delivery information is implemented as well as assigning articles to predefinable article groups.

Payment and delivery options can be preset as well, and made dependent on the distributor of the ordered item and on many other criterias of the individual order, such as item prices, grand total, destination of shipping just to name some.

Automated update of articles and automated price calculation, according to predefinable rules, from electronically transmitted informations (pull or push) is implemented as well with proper warning and error notification. Triggered export functionality for third party integration rounds up the package. 



Customer relationship management with various tracking information about all current projects. The environment is designed for international use of multiple users, which are enabled to collect all their data on a decentralized basis.

A replication mechanism is used to flawlessly consolidate all informations to a central location and redistribute it from there. Scheduled notifications and an integrated messaging system as well as statistical reports are only some of the many features of this application. 

Restaurant and Hotel Application

Database driven Restaurant software with integrated bungalow hiring management facility. Useable with or without keyboard, suitable for touch screen or mouse usage. The itemgroups and item descriptions are bilingual with Asian character support, as well as the receipt print. The software is usesable with the web browser, no client licenses, unlimited clients.

The overall performance of the system is well suitable for approximately 20.000 sold items daily. Table splitting, guest moving, guest joining and seperated bills are only some of the many features.
Automated archiving feature is included, as well as a statistical information module. The integrated stock control module contains an ordering helper, to ease your shoppings. 


Content Management System

A highly adjustable content management system, with merly no restriction on layout and design. All published information can be edited through the web interface after authenication with a minumum of knowledge. In administration mode, the web site is beeing browsed normally, with additional buttons for the editing functionality.

The hirachical structure is theoretically unlimited in depth, but in fact limited by reasonability in display. User administration allows to create accounts with individual access right to different section. Once a user is granted a section he can edit the whole tree, unless his rights are revoke at some branch.


Hotspot Internet Access Gateway

This application was developed to be used especially in environments with wireless access points, but can be used in a LAN area as well. All connecting users are redirected to the portal page and asked to key in there pin code.

After they sucessfully authorization internet connectivity will be available for the particular client. Accounting messurements in matters of connection time and transfer volume are implemented, and can be adjusted individually for each pin code.

Once the client reached one if his personal limits (ran out of time or volume), the internet connectivity will be automatically blocked. Web browsing will again be redirected to the portal page, giving the proper information.

Automatic login for portable devices is included as well as an automatic logout feature, in case the client does not log out explicitely, but disconnected from the network instead. Personal connection statistics are available for each pin code.

With the administration front end every single account can be recharged, expired on a special date or simply deactivated. New accounts will receive a uniquely generated pin code. Printout of client information on how to use is implemented for bon printers. 



Paul Bukowiecki
University Seminars
Bayer Bau
Credit Controlling
DJ Station
Leather Paragon
seiser experience
Speck Pumpen
Tubtim Resort

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