A Brief Review

Computer ALEX Bartl OG was founded in 1995, running a computer hardware store in Wels. As demands grew stronger on customer service we decided to give up the hassle on the hardware market and concentrated more on our expertise and started our field service. Whereas we were still selling hardware as a side business, the focus was clearly set on turn key products for our customers.

Over the years we gained customers from the service market, where we proofed our reliability and competence. Internet got more and more popular to local customers, what opened us a possibility to enlarge our business and enhance our services. WEB Design and application development became an ever ongoing demand, which we fulfill with individually shaped, designed and self developed applications.

Around 2008 we started projects in system automation. Designing and developing applications for PLCs was an interesting, that time new field for us. As those system had to be observed over the internet to ensure continuous and proper operation, it was the time that gave us the chance to gain extensive experience on permanently tunneled networks, including all their possible failures.

Currently we are primarily focused on individually shaped applications for our customers. We are not only planning and concepting, but as well maintaining and enhancing the applications as the customers demand it. Long term business relationships are a proof for the value of our service and expertise.

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